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Prototype Modeling using Arduino

About Course :

This program is designed especially for the kids from class 5th to 9th to inculcate innovative, inventive and implementation skills by involving them to develop a sensor based live prototype. This Program aims to improve the Coding Skills of kids in a real way, as this course would focus on Procedural coding instead of Block Coding by giving them the opportunity to program the microcontroller. Through this curriculum the kids will experience the real project making processes, steps & documentations under the expert supervision of their mentors.

Course Structure

Duration : 2 Months
Methodology : Face to Face Learning
Assessment : On the basis of Performance of Prototype and Viva
Course Content :
  • Understanding the Real Prototype Working, Its Dissembling to understand the Assembling.
  • Understanding the Circuit, Modules, components, Sensor and their working.
  • Block Diagram & circuit diagram of prototype.
  • Input Module , Output Module , Microcontroller
  • Coding Basics
  • Conditional construct
  • Iterative constructs
  • Function and subroutines
  • Program for LED’s Light Control , Motor Control and Robotics Car Motor Controlling
  • Assembling of prototype as par block diagram
  • Circuiting the components
  • Configuration of Input API with Android device.
  • Hackathon
Certification : Certification thru UPTEC