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Programming through ‘C’ Language

About Course:

The objectives of this course are to make the student understand programming language, programming, concepts of Loops, reading a set of Data, stepwise refinement, Functions, Control structure, Arrays. After completion of this course the student is expected to analyze the real life problem and write a program in ‘C’ language to solve the problem. The main emphasis of the course will be on problem solving aspect i.e. developing proper algorithms.

Duration Methodology Course Content Assessment Certification
60 Hours Face to Face Class
  • Introduction to C language
  • Data types & Operators
  • Conditional statements
  • Loop
  • Array
  • Structure and Union
  • Function
  • String
  • Pointer
  • Linked List
  • File Processing
  • Header and Library Functions
On the Basis of Performance in class Certification by UPTEC