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1) Is UPTEC recognized?

Yes, UPTEC is a recognized company. It is a premier IT company based in North India. It was established in 1993 as a joint venture with UP Electronics Corporation Limited, a Govt. undertaking, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. Today UPTEC's network is spread over Uttar Pradesh in India and also at China.

2) Does UPTEC have NIELIT ‘O’ level accreditation?

All UPTEC centers are fully accredited by NIELIT, Ministry of Electronics & I.T., Govt. of India for conducting ‘O’ level computer course.

3) Do you offer any demo classes before joining the course?

As we are sure about our quality standards and complete student satisfaction, we do not perceive any requirement for demo classes.

4) What learning environment UPTEC provide?

Uptec has Spacious and well- ventilated classrooms, Library, well-equipped labs, furniture and basic utilities such as water, electricity etc., and well-maintained sanitation facilities.

5) How many students are there in a ‘O’ level batch?

At UPTEC, we understand the importance of individual attention. The maximum batch size for ‘O’ level course in all centers is 24 students.

6) What is the batch size for short term course?

As you require a very high degree of individual attention for shorter duration courses, we generally have maximum 10 students in a batch.

7) What is the duration of the classes?

For all courses (except BCA), the duration of the classes is 2 hours daily, six days a week.

8) Can I change my batch timings during the course?

Yes, it can be permitted depending upon availability of required timing, based upon the reason.

9) Can I transfer my course from one branch to another?

Yes, student can request to transfer his/her branch/center after submitting required form and transfer fees to the concern coordinator.

10) Can I drop from my course in between, and my fee will be refunded?

Yes, student can drop his/her course in between after submitting a valid reason, but fee once paid will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.

11) How is UPTEC different from other computer institute?

UPTEC has a proven track record of conducting quality I.T. education of over 30 years. What sets it apart is the learning environment coupled with the pedagogy, ensuring the ability to develop the skills for self-dedicated learning.

12) What is the student-faculty ratio at UPTEC?

In long term courses, like ‘O’ level and BCA, it is 20 students per faculty and in short term courses, it is 10 students per faculty.

13) Is the certificate issued by UPTEC is valid all over India?

Ans 13. UPTEC certificate is recognized by the industry across the country for its quality standard.

14) Will I receive a degree or certificate after completion of the course from UPTEC?

After successful completion of the course/programme, certificate would be granted to each student from UPTEC.

15) Does UPTEC guarantee a job after the course?

Though UPTEC does not give a job guarantee to each student, majority of its students get placed successfully. UPTEC has a dedicated placement cell.

16) How safe are women in the center?

The entire center has 24X7 security. For the girl’s grievance, we have a dedicated lady assistant to whom student can talk freely.

17) Whom do I contact in case of emergency?

In case of emergency, a student is expected to contact her/ his batch coordinator or head of the center.

18) What is the feedback process?

• Student feedback on infrastructure, delivery of course contents, trainer’s effectiveness is collected, twice a year to understand the problem and take corrective actions accordingly. • Student feedback reports are being scrutinized by head of the academics who assesses the quality of teaching by the faculty on a regular basis. • Suggestion box is placed to have continuous feedback for improvement.

19) If my course is not finished during the said period, will it be extended?

It is our best effort that the course is completed in its stipulated time period, but if due to any unforeseen reason it is delayed then the course duration is extended.

20) Can I have the flexible course timing as I am a working professional?

Yes, in some cases, we customize timings according to the need of the student, especially for working people.

21) Can I break my course in between, and join later?

Yes, student can take a maximum break of 1 month in between the course for only two reasons: 1.) due to illness 2.) due to university final semester examinations

22) When are ‘O’ level exams conducted?

NIELIT conducts the examinations of ‘O’ level course on pan India basis twice in a year, in the month of January and July.

23) What % of attendance is required to be maintained? What if the student is not able to maintain the same?

A student is required to maintain 75% attendance in all the courses to be eligible for appearing in the examination.

24) What is the ratio of Theory vs. Practical?

It depends upon the course enrolled by the student. Theory vs. Practical ratio ranges between 50:50 to 25:75.

24) What if any class is missed due to illness or other reasons?

If any class is missed due to illness, a student has the following options to make up for the missed portion of the curriculum: • Access the lecture on UPTEC’s Learning Management System. • Consult the concerned faculty member • Take help from a batch mate • All of the above

26) Is there any scholarship available?

Yes, to encourage excellence in academic performance, UPTEC offers rewards in the form of 'Cash Prizes' and 'Certificate of Honor' on the basis of performance in the NIELIT examinations. Under this Scheme, any student of ‘O’ level course may win a cash reward up to Rs. 4000 on attaining the 'Superior' (‘S’) grade or the 'A' grade in NIELIT's All India examinations.

27) What is the medium of instruction?

Bi-lingual, English as well in Hindi.

28) What is the qualification of faculty?

UPTEC instructors are among the best computer consultants in this area. Our instructors will be well qualified, experienced, well spoken, patient, friendly individuals. Many of our computer training instructors are multi-vendor certified.

29) What if my college/university timings clash with my course timings?

If the timetable of a student's college changes in the middle of the UPTEC course, then the student can change his/her UPTEC course timing after submitting his/her college timetable.

30) Can I avail extra lab timing for practicing?

Yes, any student can avail extra lab timing for practicing after due permission from course coordinator.

31) What if I am not satisfied with the teaching style of the faculty?

Students are free to discuss their problems with the concerned faculty member or center in- charge. It is our best endeavor to ensure maximum learning for every student.

32) What if I want to change my course later?

Once you registered in a course, you cannot change it in any circumstances, with few exceptions where the student wishes to upgrade his/her course.

33) Does UPTEC have placement cell?

Yes, we have a dedicated placement cell. Mail id is: contact@uptecnet.com.

34) How does the UPTEC help students for Placement?

UPTEC assists students in their endeavors to enrich their education, careers and lives. UPTECies achieve better placements due to its industry linked curriculum and programme. Today, UPTEC is known as one of the most preferred partners for the industry and works with leading organizations for placements and industry practice for the students.

35) Will there be any kind of pre-placement training organized by the institute for the students going for placements?

Yes. Pre-placement training sessions for all long term courses, like BCA, ‘O’, DCAC, will be conducted before end of the course.

36) Is there any facility in institute to help improve the skills required for placement?

Yes, we conduct regular personality development sessions for all students pursuing long term courses.

37) Does UPTEC provide any kind of assistance to help me clear an interview or prepare my CV?

Yes, time to time we conducted special sessions where subject expert guide the students how to clear an interview or prepare CV.

38) What are main sectors of IT / Software where students get placed?

Students get placed in sectors like Software Development, Software Engineering, IT/ITes Services, Software Products, Education & Training.