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Web master for kids enabling kids to design own website

About Course :

Learn the principles of website building, start designing stunning websites, and add multimedia and complex functionalities to your websites. In this course students learn to design and develop websites using HTML, CSS, bootstrap, and JavaScript programming. With an emphasis on creative design and thinking, students will solve real world problems and create variety of web projects like blogs, e-commerce, wiki pages and personal webpage with responsive pages and latest design trends.

Course Structure

Duration : 60 Hours
Eligibility : Class 5th to 10th
Methodology : Face to face learning and by involving the child in different case studies / real world projects / Hands-on, Project Based Learning.
Content :
  • Principles of website building
    Learn about what is Website & How it works
  • Front-end Development
    Learn about the basics of web, HTML, and CSS and create your own website.
    (use of audio, video, form, lists, table)
  • Webpage Styling
    Learn a professional tool for creating websites. Launch the website on the Internet.
    (use of Box-shadow, Opacity, Transform, Typography)
  • Web App Development
    Learn about bootstrap which will help to make the website responsive.
    (use of container, border & colour, grid, vertical container, fluid, scrolls.)
  • Advanced Front-end Development
    Get introduced to java script programming. Learn to create animation and make the website more interactive.
    (loops in JS, methods in JS, methods in Array)
  • Hands-on website building projects
Assessments : Assignment based Performance Star Earning
Certification : Certification by UPTEC.