NIELIT 'A' Level Programme

Duration : 1 Year (Full Time/ 2 Years Part Time)
Eligibility:'O' Level / Undergraduate
(can be done with 2nd and 3rd year of graduation) / Graduate

  •    Accredited by Govt. of India
  •    Endorsed by NASSCOM
  •    Validated by Foreign Govts

A scheme of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) Govt. of India

Creating Highly Employable I.T. Professionals.

Blending Knowledge with Skills

The NIELIT 'A' Level is an advanced level computer course that's the shortest route to becoming a job-ready IT professional. Designed specifically with this aim by Ministry of Electronics & IT ( MeitY ), Govt. of India, 'A' Level prepares graduate IT professionals ready to secure jobs in the rapidly expanding IT industry that's facing a dearth of skilled professionals.

As the IT industry has huge employment opportunities that are increasing further with high speed proliferation of IT in to all spheres of life, 'A' Level is an excellent option for B.A. / B.Com / BSc. / BCA undergraduate students wishing to become in-demand IT professionals in the shortest possible time. The fact that 'A' Level can be done alongside regular college classes means that the student becomes an employable professional right after graduation without spending another year or two in getting a professional qualification. Thus without any wastage of time, the 'A'Level holder gets ready to secure credible employment in the job market.

  • 'A' level is the shortest & quickest route for a prosperous career in I.T. industry.
  • Convenient to pursue alongwith graduation on part-time basis.
  • The curriculum is updated regularly by NIELIT. These updates are swiftly incorporated in the syllabus by the ISRD wing of UPTEC and are taught in-depth.
  • A job-oriented advanced programme to develop high calibre software professionals.
  • Graduates with 'A' level are preferred by Banks / Finance / Insurance Sector, Govt. colleges, MNC's etc. for purpose of employment.
  • 'A' level qualifier are accepted by Govts. of USA, U.K. & Japan for working visa.
  • NIELIT qualifications are endorsed by the software industry through NASSCOM (National Association of Software Services Companies) and accepted by Government and Public Sectors, Banks and various National and Multinational companies for employment.
  • Governments of U.P. , Rajsthan , Gujrat , Maharastra , Arunachal Pradesh , Daman & Diu , Chandigarh , & Mirojam and many Public Sector Organisations have recruitment as well as promotions in various posts.
  • NIELIT qualifier are recognized by many foreign governments including USA , UK , Singapore , Taiwan and Japan for Working Visa.
Module No. Title LEC TUT/LAB TOTAL
A1-R4 I.T. Tools and Business Systems 60 60 120
A2-R4 Internet Technology And Web Design 60 60 120
A3-R4 Programming & Problem Solving Through C' Language 60 60 120
A4-R4 Computer System Architecture 60 60 120
A5-R4 Structured System Analysis & Design 60 60 120
Total 300 300 600
A6-R4 Data Structures Through 'C++' 60 60 120
A7-R4 Introduction to Database Management System 60 60 120
A8-R4 Basic of OS, UNIX & Shell Programming 60 60 120
A9-R4 Data Communication and Network Infrastructure 60 60 120
A10-R4 Introduction to object-oriented Programming Through Java 60 60 120
Personality Development and Interpersonal Skills 20
Total 300 300 620
Project Work 150
#Subject to revision by NIELIT.
Successful students of the O' level course, pursuing A' level, will be exempted from M1-R4, M2-R4 and M3-R4 modules in the A' level examinations.

The Students have to devote half of the total time allotted to each module for the practical session. Practical assignments have been worked out for each theory paper. The Practical 1 examination will be based on the syllabi of A1, A2, A3 and A4 modules and Practical-2 will be based on the syllabi A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 and A10, modules of A' level course.

The students are required to undertake a project during the A' level. It may be started after successful completion of any five papers and may be submitted when the candidate appears for the final examinations. The project should be an individual one and the topic has to have prior approval from NIELIT. This aims at developing and demonstrating the problem-solving skills and the system-design abilities of the student.

These are conducted on a national basis by the NIELIT - the agency designated by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India - twice in a year, in January and July. The students must complete the entire course including Practical Exam in a maximum period of five years. The final examinations are supported by continuous internal evaluation of the students.

The internal assessment of academic performance is based on the evaluation of the following:-
    a) Seminars/Class Participation
    b) Project work
    c) Tests/Quizes
    d) Final examinations.

The results are provided in the form of performance grades accordingly.

    80% and above      Outstanding
    70%-79%               Excellent
    60%-69%               Good
    50%-59%               Fair
    <50%                     Fail

  • Networking / System Administration Certifications
  • Software Development Certifications
  • Open Source Technologies Certifications (Linux)

A Level Best Done at UPTEC

  • All UPTEC Centers are Fully Accredited by NIELIT, Deptt. of Electronics & I.T. , Govt. of India for conducting 'O' / 'A' Level.
  • UPTEC centers have been rates as 'A+' (Excellent) or 'A' (Very Good) by NIELIT, Deptt. of Electronics & I.T. , Ministry of Communications & I.T. Govt. of India
  • More than 50,000 students have accquired NIELIT qualifications from UPTEC.
  • UPTEC students are consistently securing merit positions in the NIELIT-All India Examinations. More than 7500 students have secured 'S' grades (85% and more) and 'A' grades (75%-84.9%).
  • Intensive pre-placement training gives students an edge in the job-market.
  • Ex-students of UPTEC are placed in almost all leading organisation.

NIELIT has introduced a Scholarship for Female/SC/ST/Physically Handicapped students who are pursuing NIELIT's 'A' Level course as full time students. The scholarship amounts to Rs 20,000/- which is given to students in two installments, provide they clear all papers in single attempts within the two consecutive examinations after registration and if the annual family income of student from all sources does not exceed rupees one lakh. In fact, since the inception of the afordmentioned scheme, many UPTEC students of 'O' and 'A' Level have won these scholarships.

To avail this scholrship, the student has to complete an application form and senfd it to NIELIT with the required documents within 45 days of the decalaration of NIELIT results. For more detalis and application forms, the students are required to meet the Programme Executive of UPTEC

To encourage excellence in academic performance, UPTEC offers several rewards in the form of 'Cash Prizes' and 'Certificate of Honour' on the basis of performance in the NIELIT examinations.

All the students attaining the 'Superior' grade or the 'A' grade in any paper of NELIT 's All India Exminations, are honoured with handsome rewards by UPTEC. All 'A' level students can receive awards up to Rs. 10,000/- each. More tham 7500 students received the above UPTEC Merit Awards

Almost all the Nationalised Banks offer financial assistance for pursuing NIELIT courses at UPTEC.Education loans can be easily from these banks.

UPTEC offers several benefits to its alumni in the form of fee concessions on higher studies, invitation to technical seminars, guest lectures and limited library access.



For 'A' Level

TEACHMATE, an innovative on-line e-Learning & e_testing portal, offers the following exclusive features only to UPTEC's Level students to learn effectively and partice intenvely the curriculum of 'A' Level:

  • Access to Class Notes
  • Lab Assignments
  • Self Assessments

In addition, Teachmate provides excellent practice of entire objective type questions of 'A' Level syllabus thereby ensuring good grades in the NIELIT Examinations.