Software Development

UPTEC's Software Division offers a complete range of Computerisation Support Services, from developing and implementing computerised systems to their constant monitoring & modernisation. It provides the total support required for continuous upgradation & integration of the latest technologies as per specific requirements.

Custom Software Development
Web Application Development
Website Design, Development & Hosting
e-Learning & e-Assessment
Databse Design & Development
Interactive multimedia Development
Software implementation & Maintenance
Planning & Techno-managerial services

Languages: ASP.NET, VB.NET, PHP, ASP, C#, C/C++, VB, HTML, DHTML,XHTML, CSS, JavaScript
Databases: SQL, Oracle, Access,MySQL
Technologies:Web 2.0/3.0,AJAX, .Net Framework, SQL Server, ADO, ODBC, COM/DCOM/COM+
e-Learning & e-Assessment:Web based engine for learning & assessment
e-Commerce: Payment Gateway integration
Remote Management:Websites, Databases
e-Assessment:Testmate, Teachmate
Competition Preparation CDs: Yaksha
Learn & Play CDs for Children: Abhigyan