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www.teachmate.inTeachmate (www.teachmate.in) is an innovative on-line e-Learning & e-Testing service, conceptualized and developed by UPTEC. It offers e-learning and e-testing content covering all subject areas of Information Technology. Teachmate helps teachers to conduct their classes effectively. In Conventional Methodology, the quality is dependent on the knowledge of the teacher and his/her ability to explain in the class.

Teachmate provides standardized material which compiles, collates and updates the relevant learning objects using the content of the universal knowledge bank on continous basis. Teachmate makes these contents available to the teacher in the form of presentations, instruction material and assignments to enhance lecture quality. The students also have access to these contents in the form of lectures/lab sessions and self-assessment to ensure effective learning and high retention.

Teachmate's portfolio includes NIELIT's 'O' & 'A' Levels, engineering and IT courses alongwith university and open university degree programmes such as BBA, BCA, MCA diploma courses, International IT Certifications and self-paced courses on basic IT, Internet, MS-Office and Tally.ERP9 .

Key Features:  
Teachmate helps students, professionals and general computer user to learn, practice and enhance their computer and I.T. skills through the following:
  • self-paced interactive lessons
  • Videos
  • Practice Tests


www.testmate.inThis web-based software engine has been developed by us as an online competition preparation solution for students aspring for examinations like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, CPMT, CET, CAT, MBA, Civil Services etc. The solution is available on a free-to-register website at www.testmate.in.

On this site, one can give mock tests for the above exams that are dynamically prepared individually for each user. After the mock test, detailed analysis pertaining to strong-weak areas with performance improvement chart is displayed. A test-taker is then invited to review sessions on the site itself where he can find detailed solutions to individual problems that came during the mock-test. The payment system for mock tests to be prepared on-site is available via all e-commerce or regular channels. You can also try a number of free mock-tests already available on the site, before going for paid full-length tests.

Key Features:  
  • Free Registration For All.
  • Free Sample Mock-Tests are available based sample databank.
  • Paid tests are prepared from a very large real-time databank.
  • Facility to go through Full-Length or Topic-wise testing by spending extremely affordable Practice-Units.
  • Tests are dynamically prepared for every individual user and each user session is different from another.
  • User's can give the tests as many times as they wish.
  • Different Challenge levels of tests can be prepared by varying the no. of questions and time to be taken for each test.
  • Question sessions are extremely user friendly and people who are new to computers or internet can also give these tests easily.
  • Detailed Analysis of each tests with Graphical and Tabulated comparisons with previously given tests and with other users are provided.
  • Analysis results are permanently stored on the server for future reference.

This software engine has been aptly named 'Yaksha' owing to its functional similarity to the famous icon from Mahabharata. The engine has been developed by using advanced techniques of VC++ & MFC.

More than 25 titles have already been produced by using this engine and lakhs of users have already made their fortunes by using CDs based on this engine. This CDs based on this engine are also used by leading publishers like Tata-McGrawhill along with their popular publications.

Key Features:  
  • Simulate many real life exams like Pre-Medical,Pre-Engineering,
    Civil Services, CAT, CDS etc.
  • Designed for absolute computer novices.
  • Specially designed testing modules , that include confidence level judgement.
  • Can be Enhanced to provide Data Entry facilities also.
  • Mock / Subject - Topic level tests.
  • Successive Performance Comparison & printed certificates.


This is another multimedia based software engine with the brand name "ABHIGYAN". The literal meaning of Abhigyan is  better form of knowledge. This is provided by UPTEC's innovative Click ANd Drag LEarning (CANDLE) approach. The CANDLE approach is based on Do-It-Yourself learning style with on-screen activities. The first few products based on this engine have been given interesting names such as JALPARI & STORIES OF SCIENCE and JAANU-JOKER & FACTS OF SCIENCE. These products are meant for students of class 5th to class 8th.
Know More - www.abhigyan.com

Key Features:  
  • On Screen Activities that engages the child for many hours.
  • Unique concept of rewarding games for good learning.
  • Classic Handmade animation adds a lot of fun to learning.
  • Full Voice Over for All Stories.
  • Difficult words and Key Concepts Explained.
  • Scientists Photographs and Details Included.
  • Useful Information for school project file.
  • Multiple Choice questions similar to school examinations.
  • Can be used by parents/teachers to explain scientific concepts.


Being a prominent Microsoft Certified Partner, UPTEC has also been using the leading technologies such as ASP and ASP.NET for providing dynamic database driven and user friendly Websites to its clients. We have many govt. and corporate clients in this work area.

Some of the prestigious projects include www.investorhelpline.in. a website for redressal of investor grievances that has been funded by IEPF, Ministry of Company Affairs, Govt. of India. This site was launched by Shri Prem Chand Gupta, Cabinet Minister, Govt. Of India, MCA at New Delhi. The project has been well received by investors of India and the site has been generating immense traffic, owing to the fact that thousands of Indian investors are getting genuine help in getting their hard earned money back from the companies in the stock market.

Another feather in our cap is the website funded by National Stock Exchange,  www.investorfriend.com that was inaugrated at the national level by then speaker of lower house of Indian parliament Mr. Manohar Joshi. This site contains parliament question-hour discussions related to Indian investors. UPTEC has created many other websites both for government and private sector.

Key Features of UPTEC's Web Development:  
  • All Sites from UPTEC are based on well laid down standards.
  • Dynamic Database Queries are provided on various sites as per clients requirements.
  • Cascade Style Sheets are Used.
  • Meta-Tags are used.
  • Search Engine Listing is Done.
  • Smart Upload Facility is provided on client's demand
  • Flash Based Sites are also made. See www.abhigyan.com .
  • Sites in vernacular languages have been made. See www.awadhesm.org
  • Email Addresses based on User's Domain are also provided.
  • Sites that allow user's registration are also created on client's demand. See. www.gids.org.in .
  • Sites that allow software downloads, enquiry/feedback forms have also been created.

A Database Management Application, designed in Oracle, deployed on Win NT with Developer platform, for providing a complete solution to desk-to-desk information flow, related to complete Materials Management System.
Key Features:  
  • Implements Complete Material Management Cycle-Indent - Order - Receipt - Store Issue & Payment
  • Automatic Vendor & Material Coding
  • Feature Related Login System
  • Paperless work flow by multi-level authorisation

  A Device Driver Software, written in Assembly & C languages, using MASM, Windows Driver Development Kit (DDK), works as an invisible companion of the game user and converts his game pad/joystick into a powerful & configurable device that can function not only as a game pad/ joystick but also like the keyboard.
Key Features:  
  • Use of joystick possible even with those games that have no built-in support.
  • Flexibility of assigning the choice of game actions to buttons.
  • One can assign a sequence of actions to a joystick button and therefore can perform the complex sequence of actions by a single press of button
  • Compatible with joystick devices of all makes.

  This software provides the most modern approach to MIS solutions, where browser is the only software required at manager's desk and at the back-end, this engine functions as overlay of standards databases.
Key Features:  
  • ASP based solutions.
  • Oracle, SQL - Server, MS - Access or Mixed databases can be supported.
  • User level security implementation even if databases doesn't provide it extensibility
  • Extension to Data-base  entry facility.
  • Sales outlet monitioring already implemented on this engine.

  A system where books can be published on CDs or Internet using a common HTML based platforms.
Key Features:  
  • JavaScript based search that can run without a server for CD publishing.
  • Frame based topic and sub-topic index.
  • Easy and Fast Navigation.
  • Support for online result calculation from learning exercises.
  • Generic Design for HTML based Electronics Books
  • Proprietary "Flexibase" Database Management Front-end

  A new generation Database Management Application that will pave way to common platform for various day-to-day application requiring database technologies.
Key Features:  
  • Rapid application development from conception to implementation.
  • Standard Interface for multiple item and single item detailed views.
  • Customized templates for forms, views, reports and data fields.
  • Web Interface to database available
  • Support all standards RDBMS such as Oracle, SQL -Server, MS-Access.
  • Application like Payroll, Library Management, Address Management already implemented using this engine.