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About Prometric & Authorized Prometric Testing Centre
Prometric, a part of The Thomson Corporation, is the global leader in Internet-enabled testing and assessment services for academic, professional, government, corporate and information technology markets. It is engaged in the business of developing and administering secured computer-based assessments for various academic and professional, corporate and Information Technology clients. To this end, Prometric has developed and manages a network of computer-based testing centers throughout the world for the purposes of delivering these tests. UPTEC is one such Authorized Prometric Testing Center which is responsible for scheduling, delivery, and proctoring of tests offered to candidates, and the performance of related activities and procedures as required by Prometric.
Certification Benefits

The world of IT is incredibly fast-paced. Employers need people who can demonstrate an ability to learn and keep up with the rapid rate of change. Certification is the best way to demonstrate proficiency with the latest technologies and provide the foundation for not just greater productivity, but greater job satisfaction. 

Through certification, prospective employers can be assured that the necessary skills are validated. The continuing shortage of skilled labor, coupled with the steady emergence of new technologies, creates a labor imbalance in the market place. Employers and employees alike have found that training and certification can foster a mutually rewarding relationship.

  • IT professionals report that certification helps them understand better vendor products and solutions. 

  • IT professionals believe certification improves their job satisfaction and morale.

  • Certification can enhance relationships with clients and colleagues. 

  • IT managers report higher service levels, increased productivity and credibility as the primary benefits of having certified IT staff.

In 2002, a survey conducted by Prometric of more than 8,000 IT Professionals reported that candidates sought certification for three primary reasons:

  • To increase credibility 

  • To assess knowledge/skills

  • To increase compensation

The study also found that:

  • Fifty four (54) percent of IT professionals who gained certification reported receiving a reward from their employer and 20 percent reported they were given new responsibilities. 

  • Eighteen (18) percent of IT professionals who gained certification reported an increase in salary.

  • You should take a certification exam to validate your IT skills, to enhance your promotion prospects within your company, or to improve your career path in the IT industry. 

Support Infrastructure

UPTEC adheres to the APTC Facilities and Equipment Requirements detailed on the Prometric Web Site. 

  • Testing machines with required hardware and software, as specified by Prometric, have permanently been set up to deliver exams.
  • UPTEC provides a dedicated, smoke-free, quiet and professional testing room that is free from distractions such as printers, copiers, and conversation. 
  • The Testing Room has good light, is adequately ventilated and pleasantly and comfortably furnished.
  • The ergonomically designed chairs and work spaces provide for candidate comfort during testing.
  • Acoustical panels to create an environment of candidate privacy separate the testing workstations.
  • Secure storage space is provided for the candidates to keep their personal belongings (e.g. purses, briefcases, cell phones, pagers, palm pilots, PDAs, etc.
  • The examinee is made to sign a Testing Centre Regulations Form which provides all necessary information about examining procedures and regulations to the examinees.
  • Note boards and markers are handed to examinees as they enter the examination room for doing the rough work. The note boards are collected after the examination is over.
  • For maintaining and enhancing high-quality customer service, UPTEC maintains regular and open communication with Prometric through e-mail and Internet connectivity.
  • The APTC staff ensures the integrity of the Prometric system by maintaining strict security and quality control.
The Tests

Prometric is the exclusive testing partner for large and prestigious organizations. Several IT giants offer certification of proficiency on their tools/products. Oracle, Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Cisco, CompTIA , Compaq and many other offer certification exams.

Tests are downloaded at the testing workstation via modem; candidates take their tests on a computer; the computer times and scores the tests; and the test results are automatically transmitted back to Prometric via modem.

Candidates have the option of either directly starting the test or viewing the tutorial prior to taking the test. The tutorial presented before the exam aims at familiarizing the candidate with the interface and also to give a feel of the questions which include simulations. 

The questions are objective in nature and are mainly of the following types:

Multiple Choice Questions which allow candidates to either select one correct answer or more than one correct answer.

Free Form Questions direct examinees to type the correct answer using the keyboard.

Compound Questions present a statement or question and then several sets of choices. Examinees must select an answer for each set of choices.

Hot Area Questions present a question or statement about a graphic, such as a map, flowchart, or schematic. For hot area questions, all answer choices are located in a gray selection frame. Examinees must use a mouse to answer these questions.

Questions with Applications  To help examinees determine correct answers, some questions include applications, such as a calculator.

Exhibits  If additional information, such as a map, chart, or table, is required to determine the answer to a question, an Exhibit button appears in the examination question window. When examinees choose exhibit, an exhibit window is added to the display.

Question Review Window For some linear examinations, examinees can review questions before the examination ends. The Item Review window allows the candidates to review the marked questions and complete the incomplete answers.

Score Reports  At the conclusion of the examination, the score report automatically prints. Candidate is given an embossed score report, signed by the APTC administrator as a validating document for the exam. The certificate is sent directly to the candidate as soon as he/she completes the track, i.e., passes all the required exams.

Registration & Scheduling Examinations

The first step towards getting certified is to register for an examination at an Authorized Prometric Testing Center (APTC). Registration must be done at least two business days in advance. The individual test candidates are required to follow the procedure outlined below: 

  1. Register yourself for the exam by filling the Registration form. The candidates who are already registered with Prometric are required to bring in their Prometric ID for registration. Candidates MUST bring two valid forms of identification as positive proof of identity with them. One must bear a recent photograph; both must bear the examinee's printed name and signature.

    Acceptable forms of photo identification include:

- Driver's license
- Passport
- Government-issued identification card 
- Military identification
- Employee identification card

Acceptable forms of non-photo identification include:

- Credit card
- Check cashing card

  1. Deposit the Examination fee using cash, cheque, or demand draft. Prometric's Testing clients set prices for examinations. The exam fee is collected keeping into consideration the exchange rate, which is specified by Prometric every month. The effective exchange rate to be used for the calendar month of November 2005 is Rs. 45.50 to a USD.

  2. Take the test.

Prohibited Testing Aids

The following items are strictly prohibited from the testing room.

- Books, pamphlets, and dictionaries 
- Papers of any kind 
- Slide rules, rulers, compasses, and protractors
- Listening devices, including radios or stereos with headphones
- Calculator watches and watch alarms (especially those with flashing lights and alarm sounds)
- Highlighter pens
- Stencils, colored overlays
- Recording, copying, and photographic devices
- Communication devices of any nature including cell phones, pagers, PDAs etc. 
- Examinee-provided keyboards
- Language translation dictionaries
- Purses or backpacks

Exam Rescheduling

A candidate can get his exam rescheduled by informing the administrator two business days prior to the test date.

Test Cancellation

Test Cancellation request must be given to the administrator two business days prior to the test date. Examinees who cancel within the appropriate time limit (48 hours before the scheduled examination) and do not wish to reschedule may receive a full refund of their examination fee. 


UPTEC provides a testing facility convenient for access by candidates and suitable for secure testing purposes, as specified by Prometric. It has developed a number of procedures to ensure software security, candidate security and physical security. The primary procedure is thorough and continuous monitoring of candidates while they are taking tests. A certified administrator is continually aware of all activities in the test room and he also ensures that security breaches do not occur.


UPTEC has two Test Center Administrators who have been certified under the Prometric APTC Certified Administrator Program to conduct examinations. They are available to manage daily on-line communications between Prometric and the APTC. Their most important functions include administration of tests and maintenance of security in the testing room.

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