Ignou Programs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. If a student has a PC at home can there be any relaxation in Attendance?
Ans. No, there is no relaxation/ consideration on this issue. 75% of the total practical sessions for each course have to be attended.
Q2.What are Theory Counseling Sessions?
Ans. These are problem solving sessions where students will ask their questions and Academic Counsellor will answer them.
Q3. What will be the mode of exam?
Ans.There are two types of exams Theory and Practical. Theory exams called Term-End Exam and conducted for all the units of that semester after each semester in June and December. Practical exams are called as Term-End Practical Exam and are conducted for specified units only once a year in the month of January.
Q4. Will there be some extra charges for failed student to re-appear in the exam?
Ans.No there is no extra charge with-in the maximum duration specified for clearing the Programme by IGNOU.
Q5. Can a student get transfer to some other City / State?
Ans.Yes you can get yourself transferred to your convenient city/state.
Q6. What is the procedure for transfer from one city to another or from one state to another?
Ans.Detailed in your Programme Guide.
Q7. What assistance will be provided by IGNOU for employment?
Ans.IGNOU has no plan as of date to provide employment assistance.
Q8. If attendance is less than 75% in practical session of a course due to some reasons can student get any help/consideration?
Ans.The student will NOT be allowed to appear in Term-End Practical Exam.
Q9. If Attendance is less than 75% then how can a student give Term-End Practical Exam?
Ans.Student has to complete the attendance in the coming semester after taking permission for the same and can appear in the exam by submitting an application to Regional Centre. Along with specific amount per course.
Q10. How and when can a Learner contact the Programme Study Centre?
Ans.Contact timings are 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday only.
Q11. What is the difference between Correspondence and Distance Education System?
Ans.Correspondence course has not face-to-face interaction and is completely self-study with student receiving the course material and appearing in exam. Distance Education is also self study but students are attached to a local/nearest study centre which provides facility for face-to-face problem solving sessions with approved counsellors and other administrative help. Students get to know each other and can solve problems in a group. More help is given in the form of assignment evaluation etc. which indicates a students progress.
Q12. What is the role of Learner in Distance Education System?
Ans.Very important role as Distance Education is Learner centered and involves self study (varies from course to course as some involve compulsory attendance at Study Centre). But you can get your doubts cleared during Theory counselling sessions/ Practical counselling sessions by IGNOU approved counsellors.
Q13. What are the functions of IGNOU Academic Counsellor?
Ans.IGNOU Academic Counsellors are there to conduct Theory counselling and Practical sessions. They are your tutors but will only give answers to students questions and clarify their doubts on a subject. In Practicals they will help sort out the problems which you might face while working on the computer. Help you plan your studies also.

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